Distributing your docs will be as easy as downloading an app.

Convert your catalogues, magazines, brochures, guide books, etc. into digital interactive multimedia and mobile contents. Then enrich them with extra details such as texts, photos, videos.

Documents inside the app can be open, secured or paid: you decide who can access your contents.

Open document: free and accessible to anyone inside the app.


Secured document: accessible only with a password.


Paid documents: in-app purchase of a single document or by subscription service.

What are the possibilities? Endless...

Enrich your catalogues with ContenTouch

Create a catalogue rich in multimedia content and in-depth articles to share with your clients.

Product folders, technical papers and much more for your Sales Force

Provide your sales force with a digital interactive tool to read and browse your company catalogues and product profiles, to send business documents and notification messages.


A mobile store? Why not...

Promote your online store in a brand new way, creating an app version browsable as a catalogue and downloadable by your prospective clients via App Store and/or Android Market.


Hyper-experiencing magazines

Make your magazines accessible on mobile devices, such as, iPad, iPhone and Android clients, enriched with videos, interviews and photo galleries.


Communicate your artworks, unconventionally!

Promote in an original way your artwork, supplementing it with texts, videos, audio demos and multimedia previews.

Scientific publications or school compendiums

Reach broader audience with your scientific publications and allow your students to access the course material, enriched with interactive contents.

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