We simplified the steps to create a mobile app.

Give your users the new experience of reading and browsing through your catalogues, magazines and brochures in this new digital format.
Creating your app will be a new stepping stone to your brand's success.

A mobile app to organize and distribute your documents.

A mobile app for smartphones and tablets is absolutely the easiest way to organize and distribute product catalogues, magazines, introductory brochures, books, etc.
It's like a bookstore shelf with your brand and your editorial products, completely mobile and available for download from the main online app stores worldwide.

A ready-to-use app.

You do not have to design and develop a mobile app from scratch. We provide a magic solution to make your dream come true! Just get the ingredients:

  • app name
  • app description
  • your app icon
  • forms of downloading (choose between free, pay-per-item or subscription options for your users)

Multiple contents in one app.

With ContenTouch, you can create an unlimited number of applications and publish inside your editorial contents. You can also have a single app for all your contents, a single library where you can decide what to publish or unpublish.

Now Contentouch is



What are the advantages for your app user?
The Features of our Standard App:


A documents library

All documents that have been published into your app can be seen at a glance on the virtual shelf. Just decide the skin - theme - that best represents you!

Download documents inside the app

The user can decide wether to download the documents in the library which can then be browsed only with your app. After the download, the user can read the document without the need for internet connection.

Open, secured or paid documents

You decide who can access your contents:
Open document - free and accessible to anyone inside the app.
Secured document - accessible only with a password.
Paid document - in-app purchase of a single document or by subscription service.

Document contents search

The user can find specific contents with a simple and fast search system.

Browse and zoom documents

Browsing a document is smooth, fast and without delays between pages. In a page, your user can find information details popups associated with specific page topics: detailed boxes, photo galleries, videos, virtual tours, etc.

One touch access to interactive multimedia contents

All in-depth contents on the page can be accessed with a simple touch on the screen. Opening an information details popup or playing a video is instant.

Indexes list

Simplifies the document and multimedia contents browsing for your user by indexing the pages and adding an analytical index to your multimedia contents.

Favorite pages management

A user feature to create a custom favorites list for easier access to specific contents.

PUSH notifications

The user receives your messages as push notifications sent via ContenTouch platform, directly on the downloaded app. Reach out your users AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, by announcing new products, the launch of a product or a campaign or a special offer!

An “About You” page

You can introduce your company, your brand, your contents or any further information you want to share with your App users.


If you need additional features or have specific needs that have not been featured here, do not hesitate to contact us. We are eager to help you meet your goals!


In ContenTouch, development, research and innovation do not end here. We are always working to anticipate the future needs and desires of our clients to make the solutions possible. Learn more >>

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