Easy as 1, 2, 3 !

Thanks to an easy, intuitive interface, you can create do-it-yourself applications and multimedia contents.


Get access to the ContenTouch Dashboard and do it yourself.

Sign in and start using the ContenTouch platform.
Using it is free of charge. You pay only if and when you decide to publish your documents and app on the online stores.

Once you get in, an easy and intuitive dashboard helps you organize your apps and documents.
Start a new app and add your documents in it.
A no-frills, wizard-based interface. You can really get your app in a while!

Three simple steps to add a new document in your app.

A 3-step wizard guides you along the easy process of adding a new document in your app.
STEP 1: Among a number of available themes, select the one you want to skin your document with. A skin defines a predefined set of icons and templates used to browse your doc.
STEP 2: Upload your document, either as PDF file as a whole or page by page. Say if its original format is either landscape or portrait and then click on upload: the ContenTouch platform starts converting and optimizing your document in order to be browsed and read through a mobile app. At this step, ContenTouch also indexes your PDF so as to allow a user to search words inside.
STEP 3: Select the document's cover that will be displayed in the app.
That's all, folks!

Enrich and configure your document with the ContenTouch tools.

You can enrich your document by adding extra contents (hotspots) in a page, a detailed information popup with:
   - extra text
   - images
   - video
   - photo gallery
   - 3d objects
   - online web pages

Editing an extra content is so easy as it's based on ready-made templates.
You can give a title to each or only some pages, then add the page to the document's index.
You can check and modify the text of a page so as your users can find it by searching specific keywords.
Finally, you can decide whether your doc can be freely downloaded, or it's locked by a code, or in-app purchased.

Check your document before you publish it in your branded app.

While you are working on a document or before you publish it in your app, you probably wish to check how it looks like within a real mobile app. That's why ContenTouch provides you with a preview app, ContenTouch Viewer, an app that can be downloaded from the App Store and installed on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch through which you can access your work-in-progress doc, download it, browse it and check all of the stuff you edited to enrich the doc.

Are you ready? Publish your doc in your app and let it be downloaded by users.

Once you are done, just click on PUBLISH and your doc will be submitted for approval.
In a very short time it will be visible within your app and users can start downloading it.
Finally, your doc can be browsed and read through your branded mobile app. Users can search and find specific contents inside, browse through pages via the index you have possibly defined, add pages to a favorite list (bookmarks), discover multimedia content you have perhaps added into some pages.
And, remember, all actions taken by users within each single document are monitored and tracked by ContenTouch, so as you can gather statistics and analyze them through the ANALYSIS feature within the ContenTouch platform.

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