Frequently Asked Questions about ContenTouch

Can I try ContenTouch?

Yes, absolutely! You can start using ContenTouch if you send us your request for an account: just fill out this form >>


Is there a cost involved or any annual fee to use the ContenTouch platform?

No. Using the ContenTouch platform is free of charge. There is neither start-up cost nor annual fee. You pay only if and when you decide to publish your app on the application stores and documents inside.


How much is it to get my app with my documents?

ContenTouch allows you to have your own branded mobile app, within which you can publish your documents. The pricing is extremely clear: there is a one-shot price for the app and a one-shot price for each document you publish into the app. Send us your request for quotation, filling out this form >>


What do you mean with "Document", exactly?

We mean any "editorial" content: catalogs, magazines, periodical publications, books, brochures, and much more.


Can I customize my app with my logo, icon, and so on?

Sure. Through the ContenTouch dashboard you decide and set the icon, splash screens, description in several languages, on which national App Stores you wish to publish your app, whether it's free or paid (one-shot or as a subscription).


Can I submit my app on the App Store or Android Market using my Developer account?

Yes. You can choose to submit your app by using your developer account. Otherwise, we can do it for you and you don't need to have your own developer account, at no extra cost.


Can I have my app and deliver it to my users, but without submitting the app on App Store or Android Market?

If you want your app to be delivered to your company collaborators only, such as your sales force or workforce, then you don't really need to submit your app on the Stores. If this is the case, you can simply use an in-house app distribution and install it on each device by yourself.


How many documents can I publish in a single app?

ContenTouch doesn't fix a limit. You decide how many docs you want to publish in your app; they will all be seen within the library shelf of the app. End-user can decide, for each single doc in the library, whether to download or not.


Can I have an app with just one document inside?

Yes, of course.


Once I uploaded a PDF document in ContenTouch, can I add more pages as PDF?

Yes. You just access your document within the ContenTouch dashboard in editing mode and add, wherever you want inside the document, new pages (either as PDF or JPG) form your computer.


Can I merge several PDF files in one single document?

Yes. You just upload the first PDF file on the ContenTouch dashboard. Then, access such a document in editing mode from the ContenTouch dashboard and add another PDF file, wherever you want inside the first document. You can repeat this action many times.


Can I add YouTube videos as extra content within a document?

Sure. You can enrich your docs with several extra content types, such as videos that end-user can watch directly within the doc. Videos can be:

  • stored on YouTube, or
  • embedded in the document (hence downloaded within the app as the doc), or
  • uploaded on your ContenTouch account and streamed by our web server.


Can I update a document once it has been published into my app?

Yes. You can update a document, at no extra cost, even after it has been published into your app. Each single document can be however modified, at no extra cost, up to 33% of pages number that make up the doc itself.


How does an end-user realize I have updated a document?

The document you update through the ContenTouch platform will be highlighted in the app by the "NEW" label on its cover and the "UPDATE" button notifies the user the document has been modified. By clicking on "UPDATE" the user starts downloading the updated document.


Can I delete a document once it has been published, so as it disappears from end-users' app?

Yes. You can delete a document through the ContenTouch platform. If you so do, the doc will disappear from the app, at all. Hence, those users who have already donwloaded it cannot read it anymore.


How can I test my work-in-progress documents, before I publish them officially into the app?

ContenTouch provides you with a free app called ContenTouch Viewer. Through this app you can access all your work-in-progress documents, by logging with the same account you use to log in the ContenTouch dashboard.

ATTENTION: to view a document in ContenTouch Viewer, please remember to generate the document preview from the ContenTouch dashboard. Also remember that a document preview expires in 3 hours. Once expired, you can generate it again.


Is the ContenTouch Viewer app free or paid?

ContenTouch Viewer is absolutely free, as it must be considered a working tool provided by the ContenTouch platform.


I cannot see one of my documents in my ContenTouch Viewer app, why?

Reasons may be twofold. Either because you logged in ContenTouch Viewer with a wrong account or probably because the document preview has expired. A document preview expires in 3 hours and, once expired, the document disappears from the ContenTouch Viewer app. By the way, once expired, you can generate it again from the ContenTouch dashboard and the doc will appear again inside the ContenTouch Viewer app.


How many times can I regenerate a document preview so as to be tested with the ContenTouch Viewer app?

You can regenerate a document preview an unlimited number of times.


Once I'm done with a document editing through ContenTouch, how long does it take to be published into my app?

Document publication into your app must be approved by ContenTouch and it takes a very short time. The approval is necessary in order to check that all contents are compliant with the application stores' guide lines. Guide lines, actually, state that applications may not contain content or materials of any kind (text, graphics, images, photographs, etc.) that may be found objectionable, for example, materials that may be considered obscene, pornographic, or defamatory.


To browse and read a document through the app, does the end-user need an Internet connection?

No. Once downloaded, the document is stored locally into the app. This means that to browse through doc pages and read their content you don't need an Internet connection. The only content type that obviously needs an Internet connection is any video stored on web servers (such as YouTube or ContenTouch server) and delivered in streaming.


Once a document is downloaded inside the app, can the end-user delete it?

Yes. The end-user can choose to delete a previously downloaded document. A deleted document however doesn't disappear from the app library shelf, but its cover keeps staying visible just in case the end-user would like to download it again.


Can the mobile app end-user search text inside a document?

Yes, as ContenTouch automatically indexes documents, while it's being uploaded as a PDF file. Moreover, you can modify and enrich the text extracted from each page, for example by adding keywords.


Can I monitor how end-users actually use my app and documents inside?

Yes. The ContenTouch platform provides a specific feature to analyze stats about your app and each single document inside. Some of the information monitored:

  • App downloads (first starts)

  • Documents downloads (first starts)

  • Number of openings and closures per app

  • Number of openings and closures per single doc

  • Number of openings per single extra content

  • Pages added to favorites (bookmarked)

  • Purchases (referred both to app and to docs inside the app)

  • Search results and pages reached through a search


Can I send PUSH notifications to my app end-users via ContenTouch?

Yes. Through the ContenTouch dashboard, you can PUSH notifications which are then displayed inside your app downloaded by end-users.


Can my app be a paid app?

Yes, you decide, through the ContenTouch dashboard, whether your app is either free of charge or paid (one-shot or as subscription). You can even set the price tier as allowed by each application store.


Can my docs be paid docs?

Yes, you decide, through the ContenTouch dashboard, whether your document is either free of charge or paid. You can even set the price tier as allowed by each application store.


Can I secure by password the docs I publish into my app?

Yes, you decide, for each single document you publish into your app, whether it can be freely downloaded or through a password only.


Is there any bandwidth limitation or disk space in using ContenTouch?

No, our policy is not based on bandwidth or disk space usage.


Are you developing or planning other features for ContenTouch?

In ContenTouch, research and development do not end here. Developments are focused on several topics:

  • further release improvements of the ContenTouch dashboard and the engine mobile app;
  • new mobile app versions for other platforms but Apple, such as Android, Windows 7, and more;
  • development of further innovative features, such as:

  • mobile eShop: to allow the in-app management of your eCommerce combined with your products catalog;
  • booking on-line: to allow booking of holidays offers & packages, hotel & residence rooms, meeting rooms, etc. combined with the brochures you may publish into your app through ContenTouch;
  • stores locator: to manage and publish the geolocalized list of your stores or dealers;
  • Newsletter subscription: to gather subscriptions from your mobile users so as to send them email messages;
  • and much more.
  • Learn more >>