Your documents into a mobile app.

ContenTouch is the first platform that lets YOU convert your print documents into interactive mobile apps, by mixing together text, audio, video, images.
ContenTouch lets you avoid the complexities and costs normally involved in software development.

For non-geeks.

A few simple steps to publish and enrich your contents to a mobile App. These could include catalogs, magazines, brochures, guide books and any other document or editorial content.

ZERO-cost distribution.

Share your Application's contents with your collaborators, clients and partners. Free worldwide distribution through main online stores (App Store and Android Market).

Do you generate print documents? Here is a new world!

Imagine reading a catalogue, a magazine or a book where each page has information details popups, pictures, audio/video files, 360° product photography and much more.

Your users... a touch away.

Think of the possibilities. In real time, you can update your users about your new products directly on their mobile devices.

Comprehensive statistics at hand.

Think of the possibilities. You can track the usage patterns of your app users for every single document, including top articles, most popular pages and search terms.

Green your business.

By converting all or part of your print documents into digital, you will help to save forests and wildlife.

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